The Texas Family Office Association (“TFOA”) was founded in 2007, as an informal networking group for C-level Family Office Professionals. Over the ensuing years, a core group of members have met every month to exchange ideas, share best practice, and discuss a broad range of economic, investment, and family office related issues.

TFOA now includes many of the largest and wealthiest families in North America and has evolved into a tight network of trusted friends and contemporaries. These family groups control large industrial and commercial businesses, and have significant investments throughout the USA, and around the world.

This is a forum for single family offices, not multi-family offices, registered investment advisors, broker dealers, or sales representatives. For families, and family office professionals, it’s an opportunity to network with leading practitioners on family office and investment related issues and learn about the latest policy, research, and practice that impacts members.

While each membership decision is determined on a case-by-case basis, the below criteria serve as a high-level guide:

  • Single family offices only
    • Principals or family members must be professionally qualified
    • No service providers or multi-family offices
    • No member of the group actively selling a product or service
    • No principles or family members unless professionally qualified
  • Principals & C-level executives only:
    • Either President, CIO, COO or General Counsel
    • Pre-dominantly Investment, Accounting & Finance focused
  • Committed to active engagement and participation
  • Total active membership ~ 30 members per city
  • All new members screened and approved

Membership of the group is curated and strictly limited. No contact information or email lists will ever be shared.

  • Founded in January 2007, TFOA is a peer-to-peer networking group for C-level single family office professionals.

  • TFOA includes the largest and wealthiest families in Texas, and has evolved into a tight network of trusted friends and contemporaries.

  • TFOA family groups control large businesses with significant investments in Texas and around the world.

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