The Texas Family Office Association (“TFOA”) is built on a high level of trust that’s been built up within the group since our founding in 2007. Members adhere to a strict code of conduct around privacy and confidentiality. Over time, this has allowed us to develop strong bonds of friendship and trust.

Over the years, we’ve watched many groups attempt to aggregate the family office community. Many of these groups are trying to build ‘for profit’ businesses. Unfortunately, this is not an easy thing to do. Most of these groups have foundered by trying to monetize their networks. At the end of the day, they tend to suffer from either poor local penetration, high cost, and / or a lack of trusted relationships.

What’s made TFOA successful is that we haven’t tried to monetize it as a business. Philosophically, we believe such networks can only be successful if everyone is sitting on the same side of the table. The value of the network, is the network, and the network survives on trust. With that in mind, below are a few of the things that make TFOA unique:

  • TFOA is a safe place to go where members can get impartial advice with no agenda.
  • No member of the group is actively selling a product or service.
  • The group is made up of single family office professionals only.
  • We have one, and only one, representative per family office.
  • Any family principles that are members are professionally qualified and could run anyone’s family office.
  • Members are committed to active participation. Members are either Presidents, CIO’s, COO’s, General Counsels or Principles.
  • Potential new members must be screened and approved and be a good fit with the existing group.

Members pay nominal annual dues to support TFOA activities. Dues cover the cost for TFOA members to attend breakfast forums, luncheons, dinners, and happy hours; also access to the password protected, member only website, and speaker expenses during the year. TFOA membership currently includes the following:

  • Breakfast Club
  • Private Events
  • Family Office Symposium
  • Discounted services from external service providers
  • Secure, password-protected website and mobile phone app for virtual collaboration
    • Member Directory
    • Calendar of Events
    • Member’s only Discussion Board
    • Document Management Repository
    • Library access to education, shared information and service provider directory
    • Access to the Events Directory, with conferences and educational programs around the world
  • Founded in January 2007, TFOA is a peer-to-peer networking group for C-level single family office professionals.

  • TFOA includes the largest and wealthiest families in Texas, and has evolved into a tight network of trusted friends and contemporaries.

  • TFOA family groups control large businesses with significant investments in Texas and around the world.

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