Quarterly Dinners

The Texas Family Office Association’s (“TFOA”) quarterly dinner program allows the group to hear from world class speakers and investment managers on a wide range of topics. For these quarterly dinners, we’ve been fortunate to have experts in a host of areas from exceptional organizations across a broad swath of industrial, commercial, financial, and non-profit sectors.


  • Date & Time: Dinner typically once per quarter.
  • Location & Menu: Private room of one of the local steak houses. The menu is a salad or soup to start, a chicken, steak and fish option for main course, and something with chocolate for dessert.
  • Speaker: Senior leadership from the presenting organization (with no IR or Sales people). The more high profile the speaker the better the turn-out.
  • Topic: Prepared remarks are ten minutes, or less, and then we spend the majority of the dinner in Q&A.
  • Materials: Digital collateral can be shared with group prior to meeting. Overhead projection and hard-copy collateral materials not recommended as it tends to distract from the conversation. Hand-outs after the meeting can be accommodated.
  • Cost: Flat fee, non-refundable, payable in advance, plus the cost of the dinner and incidentals.
  • Guests: Single family offices and institutional investors welcome, although guests must be pre-screened to ensure fit. Group norms are shared with guests ahead of time and all attendees must be invited directly by TFOA.

Speakers are welcome to hand out business cards, but TFOA cannot give out any names or contact information for any members of the group. This is a group that gets pitched a lot, so usually the more educational and less sales focused the event the better.

Past Topics Covered:

2010 Q1 Family Office Survey of SFO Performance.
2010 Q2 The State of the Bond Markets & What to Expect Next.
2010 Q3 Understanding a “Matched Book” Securities Lending Strategy.
2011 Q1 The Investment Environment & Opportunities in Europe and Asia.
2011 Q2 Evaluating Various Approaches to Asset Allocation for SFO’s.
2011 Q3 Impact of Volcker Rule & Basel II regulations on the Secondary Private Equity Market.
2012 Q1 Reminiscences of a Wall Street Legend.
2012 Q2 The Future of Europe.
2012 Q3 U.S.A. Presidential Election Briefing from Capitol Hill.
2012 Q4 End of Year Tax Planning and What to Expect in 2013.
2013 Q1 The Great Migration – Should Bond Investors Embrace MLPs?
2013 Q2 Japan: The impact of Abenomics: Hype or Reality?
2013 Q2 Why the Dow is going to 25,000 in the next 3 to 5 years.
2013 Q3 Waiting for the Fat Pitch:  How to find asymmetric stock ideas in a volatile market.
2013 Q3 The Market for Secondary Hedge Funds: Why it exists and why it’s still not too late (again)!
2013 Q4 Understanding co-investments and the private equity secondary market: what to buy, when to buy it, and what to do if you ever need to sell.
2014 Q1 Distressed Investment Opportunities in the Worldwide Maritime Shipping Sector.
2014 Q2 Finding Value in a Recovering Real Estate Market.
2014 Q2 The $3 trillion opportunity for private equity in the US healthcare industry.
2014 Q3 Everything you ever wanted to know about private social networks.
2014 Q4 Finding alpha in litigation financing, liquidation funding, and special situation strategies.
2014 Q4 How to make money buying steeply discounted claims and insolvency receivables from bankrupt debtors.
2015 Q2 Cyber Security and How to Profit from Public-Private Investment Opportunities that Combat Cyber Threats.
2015 Q3 Lower Middle Market Private Lending: The best risk adjusted returns available in an uncertain market.
2015 Q4 Single Family Office Compensation: Benchmarking, Design and Current Market Rates
2015 Q4 Silicon Valley VC: How to spot the next billion dollar unicorn…
2015 Q4 Opportunities in the Renewable Energy Sector
2016 Q1 An evening with Alex Roepers, the legendary ‘gentleman’ activist
2016 Q1 High Speed Bullet Train: Dallas to Houston
2016 Q2 Size matters – small is beautiful: The attraction of the European mid-market
2016 Q2 Cyclical markets and energy credit – good then, great now?
2016 Q3 The Last Undiscovered Dislocation in Private Credit: Funding for Independent US companies in a 30-year context
2016 Q4 Trading seasonality in the energy markets in a systematic way
2017 Q1 Energy, Healthcare and Entrepreneurship Panels
2017 Q2 Artificial Intelligence and the Birth of the Industrial Internet
2017 Q2 Hedge Funds are Broken, and that’s a Good Thing
2017 Q3 Why Family Offices Will Out-Perform the Private Equity Industry in the Upcoming Fight for Investment Returns
2017 Q4 Understanding the $10bn Cannabis Industry and How Family Offices can Profit Today
2018 Q1 The facts (not hype) about Crypto Currency and the Blockchain…
2018 Q1 TFOA Single Family Office Symposium: Energy, Economy and Entrepreneurship Panels


  • Founded in January 2007,
    TFOA is a peer-to-peer networking group for C-level single family office professionals.