Private Events

The Texas Family Office Association’s (“TFOA”) quarterly dinner program allows the group to hear from world class speakers and investment managers on a wide range of topics. For these quarterly dinners, we’ve been fortunate to have experts in a host of areas from exceptional organizations across a broad swath of industrial, commercial, financial, and non-profit sectors.


  • Location & Menu: Private room of one of the local steak houses. The menu is a salad or soup to start, a chicken, steak and fish option for main course, and something with chocolate for dessert.
  • Speaker: Senior leadership from the presenting organization (with no IR or Sales people). The more high profile the speaker the better the turn-out.
  • Topic: The majority of the dinner is spent in Q&A.
  • Materials: Digital collateral can be shared with group prior to meeting. Overhead projection and hard-copy collateral materials not recommended as it tends to distract from the conversation. Hand-outs after the meeting can be accommodated.
  • Cost: Flat fee, non-refundable, payable in advance, plus the cost of the dinner and incidentals.
  • Guests: Single family offices and institutional investors welcome, although guests must be pre-screened to ensure fit. Group norms are shared with guests ahead of time and all attendees must be invited directly by TFOA.

TFOA will never provide the names or contact information for any members of the group. This is a group that gets pitched a lot, so the more educational and less sales focused the event the better.

  • Founded in January 2007, TFOA is a peer-to-peer networking group for C-level single family office professionals.

  • TFOA includes the largest and wealthiest families in Texas, and has evolved into a tight network of trusted friends and contemporaries.

  • TFOA family groups control large businesses with significant investments in Texas and around the world.

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