The Texas Family Office Association (“TFOA”) was founded in 2007, as an informal networking group for C-level Family Office Professionals. Over the ensuing years, a core group of members have met every month for breakfast, where we exchange ideas, share best practices, and discuss a broad range of economic, investment, and family office related issues.

TFOA now includes many of the largest and wealthiest families in North America and has evolved into a tight network of trusted friends and contemporaries. These family groups control large industrial and commercial businesses, and have significant investments throughout the USA, and around the world.

A high level of trust has been built up within the group, and we adhere to a strict code of conduct around privacy and confidentiality. Members have developed strong bonds of friendship and trust.

Over time we’ve introduced a quarterly dinner program which allows the group to hear from world class speakers and investment managers on a wide range of topics. For these quarterly dinners, we’ve been fortunate to have experts in a host of areas from exceptional organizations across a broad swath of industrial, commercial, financial, and non-profit sectors.

We stay in touch in-between meetings through a virtual private network, developed by a family office, who recognized the need for families to share information via a secure online portal, and built an app to do just that. It’s proven to be a great way to share interesting research, and co-investment opportunities, among the group virtually.

In 2017, we hosted our Inaugural Single Family Office Symposium, in partnership with Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, ranked among the top university-affiliated think tanks in the world. This initial event was an enormous success with 100+ single family office principles and professionals in attendance, representing 80+ single family offices throughout North America. Our inaugural event included three panels, covering Healthcare, Energy, and Venture Capital, with over $100 billion in capital represented by our six panel participants.

Our annual symposium allows members, and the family office community at large, to benefit from leading industry research and networking; and promotes Houston as an important center for capital formation and investment. It caters to single family offices only, not multi-family offices, registered investment advisors, broker dealers, or sales representatives. For families and single family office professionals, it’s an opportunity to hear from leading practitioners on family office and investment related issues, and learn about the latest policy research in the fields of energy, public finance, healthcare, entrepreneurship, etc.

Over the past few years, we’ve watched a number of groups pop up around the country, attempting to aggregate the family office community. Many of these groups are trying to build ‘for profit’ businesses. What’s made TFOA successful is that we haven’t tried to monetize it as a business. The value of our network, is the network, and our network survives on trust. We look forward to continuing to evolve and grow our network in a way that remains true to our core principles and adds value to our members.

  • Founded in January 2007,
    TFOA is a peer-to-peer networking group for C-level single family office professionals.