Breakfast Club

A core group of Texas Family Office Association (“TFOA”) members have met every month for breakfast since the group was founded in 2007. This group has become an enviable resource for exchanging ideas, sharing best practices, and discussing a broad range of economic, investment, and family office related issues.


  • Location: Alternating locations.
  • Speaker: There are no speakers for this format.
  • Topic: This is an open forum where members can discuss any burning issues of the day and share knowledge to help each other.
  • Attendees: Members only.

While monthly breakfast meetings are a great way to keep in touch, in-between meetings members are able to easily and seamlessly communicate through a virtual private network. This network was developed by a single family office who recognized the need for families to share information via a secure online portal and built an app to do just that. The portal is totally private and confidential to the group. No information is shared with, or accessible by, any third party. The vendor has signed a strict confidentiality agreement, and the site license is governed by European privacy laws. It has proven to be a great way to share interesting research, and co-investment opportunities, among the group virtually.

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